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Posted By wael hammouda

Digital Marketing & Social Media: crossed relation

Social media  ,websites and applications allow users to create and exchange user-generated content on the web. Social media are interactive platforms where content is created, distributed and shared by individuals on the web. They allow users to create and exchange user-generated content where people talk, share information, participate and network...Read More »

SEO: The code for better Websites ranking

What is Search Engine optimization? How we do SEO?

If you’re involved or working in the world of Digital Marketing, you must have heard the term “SEO” Search Engine Optimization.

“SEO” refers to search engine optimization, or the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it via search...Read More »

Digital Advertising Services

The goal of Internet Advertising is to drive customers to your website and encourage them to take further action—such as visit your physical location, make a phone call or place an order.

Digital Advertising services target is to increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and improve operations

Why Do You Need Digital Advertising?

Put simply, to...Read More »

How Making Your Website more Accessible?

In web development, the saying “The only constant is change” seems to be industry-defining. Web development is changing every second and 2018 will be no different.

User expectations are growing and it is more important than ever to build digital experiences that are engaging, fun, and intuitive.  Content needs to be...Read More »

Le récap’ des mises à jour de l’algorithme Google en 2017

Google est en constante évolution : l’algorithme du moteur de recherche connaît régulièrement des mises à jour, qu’elles soient minimes ou beaucoup plus importantes.

E2M a justement recensé dans une infographie les changements les plus significatifs qu’a connu le moteur au cours de l’année passée.

Alors, que s’est-il passé au cœur...Read More »

Les différents type de langages : développement  web

 Dans le monde de développement  web on trouve différents type de langages, avec des caractéristiques diverses, qu’il peut être difficile d’en sélectionner quelques-uns de manière objective.

Quelles sont les tendances fortes en matière de langages de développement?

Voici les langages les plus utilisés par les développeurs.


Si vous êtes un développeur indépendant ou...Read More »

web development advantages

The internet is available in every part of life. It has made the life sophisticated and helping people ease their daily tasks. These days we use internet for almost everything: banking, shopping, reading, doing job and completing such other actions. All this became possible because of the advantages of web...Read More »